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Cinch for Wordpress = CinchPress

CinchPress is the fastest way to start blogging on WordPress. Upload, then post. That's it.

At just 72KB, CinchPress is light weight, fast, and incredibly simple to use. There is nothing to delete and nothing that needs configuring before you can start posting. Your site will be ready for visitors as soon as you upload.

Oh, and it looks mighty fine too! If you do like to tinker, CinchPress Pro includes 15 type options to choose from. You can also use the official WordPress Customizer to adjust theme colors.

Don't forget to grow your audience with an email newsletter. Mailchimp subscription support built right in.


Why go Pro?

CinchPress Pro give you typography customization, and supports the Cinch Project. Buying CinchPress Pro also gives you 6 months of free access when it launches in March!

Why yet another theme?

Most WordPress themes are bloated, slow, and require a bunch of work configuring before your site is ready to share. Using CinchPress on a new WordPress install means you're ready to go as soon as you press "Activate".

What if I need help?

Don't worry, it happens. Shoot me an email at

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CinchPress Pro WordPress Theme

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